If you look hard enough at this view down from the entrance to my townhouse, you will see some mail.
The postal workers generally couldn't be bothered to sort the mail by resident, even though there were
separate mailboxes. So they would dump a pile of mail on the ledge (from where this photo was taken).
From there the wind would generally blow it down into the gully. I once retrieved 20 to 30 pieces of
mail from the gully and from the trees - including telephone and utilities bills. None of it ended up being mine
in the end, but I even had to shake mail from a tree with a stick. One day the mailman did the residents
a favour. I found my mailbox full - but with all the other residents mail. Since the mailbox had a lock, only
I could retrieve their mail from my mailbox. While I was living on Calle Teocalli, I never received a single
piece of mail that was actually addressed to me.
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